Monday, 9 July 2012

Court probe allows agency Mir Kashem quiz

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Author / source: Independent ONLINE/BSS

DHAKA: The international crime Tribunal (ICT-1) on Sunday accepted an application of the investigation agency permission to Jamaat leader Mir Kashem Ali, accused to interrogate the perpetration of crimes against humanity in the hiding place.

Justice Nizamul Huq, Chairman of the three-member Panel ICT-1, on his behalf granted the application with some conditions.

Public Prosecutor Sultan Mahmud Simon support submitted, must the application, the search after three days the Treasurer of the community say it is for the investigation agency to interrogate him in the hideout for proper investigation.

Against the application, advocate Muhammad Tajul Islam, defender of the accused, said prayer seems unnecessary and there is no need of interrogations of the Jamaat leader at this moment.

The Tribunal passed after hearing both sides, the order to accept community leaders by the investigation agency in the Hideout a day of custody of the.

The Court in his said that a doctor and a defender during the interrogation must be present. The investigation agency is to notice the defenders, in this case advocate Tajul Islam, at least two days prior to the day they want to interrogate Mir Kashem.

In addition, the Tribunal investigation ordered over agency on more progress report presenting the study of August 12.

Kashem was issued taken over on June 17 under custody after an arrest warrant by this Court. On June 19 the Court dismissed the petition on bail of Mir Kashem and sent him to prison.

The Tribunal made the investigation to present Agency by the pursuit of the investigation report before the Tribunal by July 5. The Court asked the prison authority to produce Kashem in court on that date.

The investigation agency submitted the report and an application that passed the permission of the community leaders in the safe home on 5 July in question and the Tribunal to make an order in this issue July 8.

Early on June 18, barrister Abdur Razzak, lawyer of Mir Kashem, sought bail for his client for three reasons that he is now 62 years old and sick with various age complications.

Against accused plea, Member of the prosecution team, advocate, the Zead Al Malum said Mir Kashem may hinder the process and can even threat to kidnap the witness if he is released on bail as he is a very influential person and maintenance fund party.

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