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See you again policy: Sohel Taj

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Author / source: Independent online/bdnews24.com

DHAKA: Awami League MP Tanjim Ahmed popularly known as Sohel Taj, who is officially resigned as a member on Saturday, said that he has seen the last of his active political career.

Sohel Taj, son of Bangladesh who first Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed, September said on Sunday: "I am active in politics and will no longer be a part of it."

Taj speaker Abdul Hamid on Saturday personally met and handed over his resignation.

On 23 April Sohel Taj, the former junior Home Minister had letter by his Secretary, but the speaker does not accept his resignation, saying that it must be passed personally.

Submit after his resignation on Saturday, Sohel Taj met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her official residence Ganabhaban.

The Taj staff assistant Abu Kawser and the speaker's staff assistant Joynal Abidin had September over his resignation and he meets also confirmed.

Joynal Abidin so to speak, but whether its seat empty had been declared.

Meanwhile confirmed the press Department of the information in a press release the resignation of ' MP constituency of 197 Gazipur-4 constituency '.

Its meets and talks Taj on Sunday said, "I have tabled yesterday my resignation." Suppose the speaker. "I met also the Prime Minister and discussed many things with her in a friendly environment."

Asked whether he would take part in the next general election, said the ruling party of Gazipur-4 MP of Kapashia: "I hope, the people of Kapashia will choose a good and worthy candidate."

What led him to this decision, he said, "I had before, a written statement given." When I mentioned not all directly, but many things were clear. "Also you have much information people [journalists]."

The oath had resigned on May 31, 2009, only five months after taking Sohel Taj Minister as a junior. The Government had said then that the President had accepted the resignation of not.

After his resignation from Cabinet, media then reported that he came back, when he insulted because of 'Misconduct' by a relative of the Prime Minister.

If his attention on the subject was drawn September he said, "I want to discuss no longer."

He also as MP showed had no reason for its dramatic decision to withdraw from the contract.

He had issued to his followers on the Kapasia in Gazipur on 23 Apr an open letter, in which he, that he had taken up, said the decision after "careful consideration", but could not on the reasons to increase.

Taj wrote recently in the Cabinet Division invited to take back his salary and other allowances as a Minister of State charged to his bank account despite his retirement in 2009.

The Cabinet Division had said it had no record of his resignation and therefore continue to his salary and benefits to be paid.

He has often offered ministerial Protocol has been, but he declined, leading to reports in the media.

After his resignation he was in us live.

Source: theindependentbd.com

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