Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gilad Shalit, exchanged for Palestinian prisoners

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Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit should be released on Tuesday for the release of more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners of five years imprisonment.

SGT Shalit was arrested in 2006 by Hamas activists, who tunneled in Israel.

On Monday, Court rejected an appeal for a 48-hour delay from the families of the victims of attacks by Palestinian militant Israeli Colonel.

The first 477 Palestinian prisoners to be released on Tuesday due to have now started to leave their prisons.

You were all female and accompanied by Egyptian security personnel, said the news agency Reuters.

The remaining 550 are expected to be published next month.

"I understand the difficulty of accepting that the vile people who are the most heinous crime against your dependents who, committed, not the full price, you earn the numbers," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a letter from his Office to members of the Israeli published.

Meanwhile prepared in Gaza Hamas a hero's welcome sent 295 prisoners due to the area.

The Hamas Interior Minister for Gaza called for residents "to refrain from using weapons and ammunition, expressing their pleasure".

Step by step

The day events will unfold in a choreographed sequence.

Early Tuesday morning is local time, be taken due to the crossing of Rafah between Gaza and Egypt Gilad Shalit, 25,.

Cross between Israel and Egypt, a 10-minute drive from Rafah reach the Kerem Shalom 477 Palestinian prisoners.

SGT Shalit will be given to the Egyptians, in the presence of Israeli representatives.

After his release was confirmed Israel is 27 women release prisoners. SGT Shalit will then be transferred to Kerem Shalom.

After he made a call his parents and subjected to a short medical examination, he will be flown by helicopter at the air base Tel NOF in Israel.

While this goes on, cross of Kerem Shalom of Palestinian prisoners for Gaza or exile abroad are intended, in Egypt.

Egypt ensures that the deportees in countries like Turkey, Syria and Qatar are served.

The Palestinian Authority has prepared new passports for the deportation to third countries, which the Egyptian Ambassador to the Palestinian territories has occurred.

Prisoners arrived in the West Bank will be taken the Bituniya checkpoint, where she passed the PA

In the meantime Sgt Shalit will undergo further medical Tel NOF, where he will meet members of his family as also Mr Netanyahu.

If it is suitable, Sgt Shalit be flown with his family to North Israel and accompanied by a convoy to his home city of Mitzpe Hila in the Western Galilee.

SGT Shalit family lived in a tent protest in Jerusalem used 16 months, while for his release.

Source: theindependentbd.com

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