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Syrian armoured troops kill 25 in opposition hotbed of Homs

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AMMAN: Hotbed of Homs to curb which crackdown on a seven month-old insurrection armed growing resistance against President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian armoured troops killed at least 25 people in a boost in the opposition said inhabitants.

It was one of the highest daily death toll in the central city, which has seen some of the largest protests in a spate of riots, where demonstrators a end the repressive Assad family rule 41 years demand.The clashes on Monday, districts, the provision of Loyalist militia in Sunni Muslims stir up tension between the Sunni majority and members of Assad's minority of sect Nusairier, followed the conflict in the Middle East spans residents of told of Reuters by Telefon.Eingedenk of the threat of civil war in Syria, the major fault lines, host offered talks in Cairo between the opposition, which have formed a National Council of the Arab League on Sunday, and the leadership of Damascus.

But Syria's representative of the League said that Syria said serious reservations about the offer during the opposition, which Syrian National Council, that it could engage in discussions during Assad's military storm troubled towns and villages.

Set in Homs, 140 km (90 miles) North of Damascus, tanks shoot heavy machine guns, swept in Sunni districts of Bab Sbaa, Bab Dreib and Bab AMRO where the abolition of the Assad regularly require large protests, residents and activists said.

You said, Loyalists came rudimentary resistance forces, although army deserters helped to defend some residents of the neighborhood and managed multiple tanks with bazookas (RPGs) hit.

"Most of the residents of Bab Sbaa escaped." The troops are heavily on tanks and raise the obstacles in the area. The fire from the direction of other small and intermittent ", said a local residents by phone.

"Roadblocks have cut from each other each neighborhood, and randomly throwing troops occupation is often,", said another resident, gave her name as Manal.

Homs, the home town of Assad's wife Asma, is located in the heart of the fertile farmland on the highway to Aleppo, Syria of second-largest city.

Homs is close to the border with the Lebanon, which has begun, serve as a supply line at insurgents in the city and its surroundings, including army defector, that have increased in numbers since the crackdown intensified two months ago.

Inspired by the "Arab spring" popular uprisings that have plunged deeply rooted autocrats in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have fall protests across much of the Assad family and Syria widespread calls for more political freedom.

Syrian authorities blame the unrest on "armed terrorist group" which they say have killed 1,100 police and army and work in Homs, killing of civilians and personalities.


The official news agency said that troops "the head of one of the leading terrorist groups" in raids in the districts of Bab Sbaa and Mreijeh and seized weapons, had arrested including RPGs and gunpowder.

Foreign journalists from Syria, independent confirmation of the reported events hampered largely prohibited.

The United Nations says that Assad's crackdown has killed 3,000 people in Syria since March, including at least 187 children.

The army defectors were mostly Sunni Muslims, who make most of the army row and link while the officer corps mainly consists of members of the Alawite community, under the command of Assad's younger brother, Maher.

The Alawites, an offshoot of Shi Shi'ite extended Islam, their influence on the Syrian State, military and Geheimpolizei--a block now for the power structure-after Assad's father, the late Hafez al-Assad, in a 1970 coup took office.

In Cairo, Foreign Ministers of the Arab League called for Syria's rulers and opposition negotiate and decided to work a Committee to halt the bloodshed. You no longer behind the adoption of Syria from the Pan-Arab Group to suspend.

Youssef Ahmad, Syria's representative who Arab said League, his decision "not transparent" and not the Damascus, participation in all discussions outside Syria could accept.

The Arab States were for months still, while Assad's troops stamp out unrest with tanks and machine guns tried, but began to criticize Assad after the United States and European powers said he must go and slapped economic sanctions on Damascus.

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